Business Telephone Systems

Voltar Communications specializes in business communications. From a five-person office to an all-out call center, we  install the provider-to-desktop solution that fits your business correctly. By “fit your business correctly”, we mean to do exactly that:

  • We cable where you need (with respect to code).
  • Terminate connections in accordance with industry standards.
  • Program the system for a tailored-business-fit.
  • Train you on your system for the business win!

We also provide stellar support for any move, adds, or changes you may need as you grow your business. Our product line of choice is the solid, traditional business class of NEC and Toshiba Business Systems. However, we do have our pure VOIP NEC and Toshiba system solutions as well. Call us to get the right communication solution for your business today. In addition, we also have the ability to streamline your operational costs when it comes to long distance and local dial tone or data services. We’ll go over those charges on your bills and fees that may seem a “little fuzzy” to you and see what strategy save you the most. Regardless if you are migrating from one provider to another, looking at a brand new install, or simply consolidating to save costs….give  us a call! Voltar Communications has the expertise and customer service know-how to help you understand the options and choose the solution that fits.

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